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Use the Contact Us form below to sign up to be a food donor for Montgomery Food Share or to help out in other ways. A volunteer will bring you a blue bag. Every time you shop, add a few food and personal care items to the bag.

Items are Collected Bimonthly

On the first Saturday of even numbered months, food donors place their blue bags outside their doors and volunteers collect the items inside and bring them to the drop off location.

Donated Items Support the Freestore Foodbank

A little bit of food makes a big impact when it is combined with donations from your neighbors all across the city! After collection, the barrels are transferred to the Freestore Foodbank.



Montgomery Food Share began in 2013 when Wendy New and her neighbors in the Montgomery Woods subdivision set a goal to help the 1 in 7 individuals in Hamilton County who are food insecure. After a partnership was established with the Freestore Food Bank in downtown Cincinnati, recruitment of ongoing food donors began. On June 1, 2013, 860 pounds of nonperishable food and personal care items were collected from over 100 households, and a journey began. Under Wendy's leadership, this 501(c)3 charity has grown tremendously, becoming one of the top donors to the Freestore Food Bank, collecting the equivalent of over 146,000 meals to combat hunger among families and individuals in our area.



I want to thank the donors who provide food to Freestore Foodbank. It’s made a big difference in my life. It’s helped me to see that I’m going to survive this. I don’t know what I would do without the assistance. It takes a little of the burden off.

Donna V.,

Senior helping provide

for her grandchildren

It is truly a gift that Montgomery Food Share is working with us to end hunger and stabilize lives, so that we can realize our vision of a hunger-free, healthy and thriving community!

Kurt L. Reiber,

CEO Freestore Foodbank

A year ago, I got sick and could no longer work full time. Money tends to get tight for me at the end of the month. It means everything to me when my kids and grandkids come to visit on holidays, I have food to share with them.

Kenneth R.

Receiving food and support from a community partner



Your help is needed! To become a food donor and/or volunteer, submit the form below. Please include your address in the message. 

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